Reptile and Amphibian Species Reviews

Here we review different species of reptile and amphibian as pets.

Frilled Dragon
These are some of the most famous-looking lizards in the world, and the inspiration for some of the dinosaurs in the movie Jurassic Park. They are usually available as small hatchlings, and can learn to tolerate handling very well as they mature. They are carnivores, and will require significant amounts of food as they grow. Having a lizard in a cage next to them appears to put them under stress. They can live over 15 years and can attain a length of nearly 32". You can find frilled dragons for sale online.

Bearded Dragon
Bearded dragons are perhaps the most roundly adored lizard, and there are reasons for this. For starters, they usually tolerate handling well, they attain a stocky but manageable size, and their appearance is very impressive. They will eat both plant and animal material as well. You can buy bearded dragons for sale online.

Chameleons are extraordinarily unique-looking, and their deliberate movements are unmistakeable. They can do well in captivity but require UVB light and live food. They can stress easily at times, but if you're careful, this can be avoided. They can attain a large size (depending on the species), and can actually have long lifespans if cared for properly. You can buy chameleons for sale online.

Green Iguana
Ah the prolific Green iguana. While you generally see pictures of extremely tame animals, they are actually not naturally calm reptiles and can be aggressive (ie. tail-whip, biting, etc.). They are herbivores, but can eat crickets as juveniles. They reach six feet in length, which makes them difficult to house in captivity. You can buy green iguanas for sale online.

Savannah Monitor
These monitor lizards grow to be very stout, with fairly short tails in comparison to their body length. They have endless appetites and can be taught to tolerate handling to the point of being dog tame. They attain a total length of approximately 3 to 3.5 feet. Very inexpensive, but almost all are imports. You can buy savannah monitors for sale online.

Water Monitor
These monitors can reach six feet in length, and have powerful bodies. Their demeanor generally becomes more and more tame as they grow and become more secure, and there's no doubt they can make amazing reptile pets. They are carnivores with large appetites. Again, their size makes them difficult to house properly. You can buy water monitors for sale online.

Nile Monitor
Niles, as they're called, can reach six feet in total length, and can be a handful unless they are interacted with regularly. Do some research before you buy a nile monitor for sale.

These are amazing lizards and a joy to keep as a hobbyist. Some of them remain small, and some get large (the Egyptian uro, for example). They prefer heat, and a diggable substrate. They are omnivorous. You can buy uromastyx for sale online.

Pythons come in so many shapes and sizes that it's literally impossible to review them as pet reptiles in one paragraph, or even one entire page. Do your research before purchasing. The reticulated python is the longest snake in the world, while the anthill python reaches a total length of just two feet long. If you can get them to eat, Ball pythons can make excellent pets. You can buy pythons for sale online.

These reptiles like eating other snakes, so be careful. Many of them are beautifully patterned, and they are usually very handleable. They will do well on a diet of mice and rats (thawed). You can buy kingsnakes for sale online.

There are so many turtles, the question really becomes, can you house them properly? Do you want an aquatic turtle (which most of them are), or a terrestrial turtle (ie. a box turtle). If you have a proper cage, they can make excellent pet reptiles. Avoid feeding them too many fish or pre-made commercial pellets. You can buy turtles for sale online.

Red Eye Tree Frogs
These are not poison dart frogs, but rather treefrogs. These frogs are one of the most beautiful on the planet, with their bright red eyes and bright green bodies. They really have to be seen to be believed. It's best to feed them a varied diet, not just crickets. You can buy red eye tree frogs for sale online. There are a ton of other frogs for sale as well.

Pixie and Pacman Frogs
These frogs get B-I-G! Although usually available as babies, they will amaze you with their appetites. Keeping the water clean is the biggest challenge, especially as they become adults. These are one of the few amphibians that will actually eat a mouse. You can buy both pixie frogs for sale and pacman frogs for sale online.

Toads are usually not difficult to care for, and often times easy to breed. Some of the most popular species include the bumble bee walking toad, southern toad, and fire-bellied toad. You can buy toads for sale online.

Salamanders spend plenty of time in hiding, but that's just their nature. Keep their cages moist, and if you get a pair, you may very well breed them if you provide a water source. They vary is size from just a couple inches to over one foot. Tiger salamanders are some of the most popular, as well as dusky, spotted, and fire. You can buy salamanders for sale online.

If it's legal in your state, alligators can make one of the single most impressive reptiles in the world. If you have the proper caging requirements, which you probably don't, you might be up for it. Keep in mind, it's a myth that they only grow to the size of their tank. There's no stopping these reptiles from reaching their maximum size. Do your research. You can buy baby alligators for sale online.

Live Feeder Crickets
Live feeder crickets are a must for most reptile and amphibian hobbyists, including those who keep inverts. As we all know, it's best to buy in bulk, so why not have them delivered right to your door at a fraction of the per-cricket cost? You can buy live crickets for sale online.

Did you know the oldest recorded tortoise was 188 years old? Incredible, yes. But, keep it in mind before you buy one of these long-living reptiles. They are slow, but strong, and eat plant material almost exclusively. You can buy tortoises for sale online.

If you decide to
buy reptiles, please do so responsibly.